Short Videos About Us

A short movie about our activity
Text and Music
RAI TV story about the IEA
The Easy Way to Peace in the Holy Land
Finding Peace In Hebron
Interfaith Encounter Association and its Prayer-focused Interfaith Encounter group
An IEA Play by Temple Beth Jacob
Interfaith Encounter Association and its Mothers and Daughters Interfaith Encounter group
Dr. Yehuda Stolov presents IEA at Euphrates Summit 2011
محاكاة الأمم المُتحدة
IEA: e il suo gruppo interreligioso “la preghiera”
جمعية اللقاء بين الديانات
Karmiel Majd el Krum Interfaith Encounter
Interfaith Prayer for Humanity’s Health 25 3 20
Interfaith Passover Celebration 13 4 20

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