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Our main effort is forming and maintaining ongoing groups of interfaith encounter across the Holy Land and beyond. Each group offers an opportunity to meet the 'other' and build lasting inter-communal relations of friendship coupled with respect for the unique identity of each. In this way, each group is a seed of the desired relations between the various communities. Our vision includes hundreds of groups, of wide variety of kinds, so that every person will have a groups close to home and to heart. Here are the groups we formed so far:

Upcoming Encounters

Ongoing Activity Reports

All activity updates, from the very first one in 2001 till today, can be found here

Our Projects

In the YOUTH INC. project, 6 partners from Hungary, Romania, Germany, Kosovo, Albania and Israel will work together to increase the quality, perception and capacity of youth workers, and young people through Learning for diversity and inclusion.
During the 24-month project period partners will develop a training module for youth workers and a Project Based Learning module involving young people (ages of 16-25), including activities based on variety of methodologies. Partners will also support youth workers and youth groups in the realization of 3 local actions in all 6 countries highlighting unknown local heroines/heroes, and designing memorials for them.
Materials will be available in 7 languages.

Partners from Hungary, Israel and the UK will empower young people in their countries and in further countries from the Euro-Med region to work and act for social change and develop conscious and deliberate thinking and dialogue on a wider scale. The central applied method of the empowering process is Digital Storytelling (DST).

During the project’s dissemination seminars, international training and local, a methodological booklet was developed and is available through the following links:



For many years the Interfaith Encounter Association organizes the project of collecting Chametz (=leavened food) before Pesach from Jewish families, for needy families in East Jerusalem (Christians and Muslims).

During both collection and distribution we are fully transparent: while collecting we make it clear that the Chametz will be delivered to needy families in East Jerusalem and upon delivery we stress that the food comes from Jewish families in West Jerusalem.

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